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Why Impact Match?

For Foundations

Learn why Impact Match is for you!

Find Ideal grant recipients

Are you looking for more appropriate grant recipients?

Impact Match not only provides a database of nonprofits but also screens them before they reach your desk.​

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Fund equitably

Do you wish you funded nonprofits in a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) way?


Want to find innovative but under-the-radar nonprofits?

Nonprofits only need to submit one proposal, allowing underfunded and less known agencies to rise to the top based on merit instead of grant-writing capacity.

Make every dollar go fUrtheR

Do you want your funding to have a bigger effect on the world?​


You will reduce the time it takes for nonprofits to apply to you for grants. Each foundation that joins may multiply all of our impact.


Initial surveys indicate that small nonprofits under $1M in revenue could save $7-10,000/year in administrative costs, which means a larger percentage of your dollars will now go to direct community benefit.

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Automatically find matching fundinG

Do you wish the nonprofits you support would have access to more funding?


Do you have too little budget to help your favorite nonprofits achieve their goals?


Maybe you’d like your favorite nonprofits to become more visible?

The platform allows for more co-funding opportunities by matching you with like-minded funders and programs or projects in need of a bit more funding.

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Evaluate better

Do you want better ways to evaluate nonprofits and their impact and make the right funding decisions?

Impact Match provides access to historical data so that you can observe trends in partnership with other foundations.

Nonprofits can no longer tweak their grant proposals and reports to each funder, sometimes misrepresenting their impact.

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A simple grant application

Do you want a straightforward application that all nonprofits understand? Do you want to embed it on your website without much effort?

Impact Match can be a simple grant application that brings you into the digital age.

Are you a new foundation?


If so, we can set you up with the standard for grant applications and connect you with a vast network of other funders, some with over 100 years of experience in the field.


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Save your program officers’ time

Would your program officer benefit from more time engaging nonprofits and building relationships and less time with administration and evaluation?

Are you thinking about hiring a program officer?

Consider Impact Match. Our unique platform can support or even become your program officer, saving you time and money while increasing your grantmaking efficiency and efficacy.

We can be your custom concierge service, bringing you vetted, mission-aligned nonprofits with our streamlined, easy-to-use platform.

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