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Why Impact Match?

For Nonprofits

Learn why Impact Match is for you!

Write One grant

With our streamlined, matchmaking platform, you will have the potential to receive funding from multiple foundations!

For each additional foundation, you have halved your effort and time.​


Instead of adjusting the same program or project to over 15 different funders in the hopes of receiving a few grants, you only need to submit one proposal. Then the funders come to you.

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Retain your programs and approach

Are you sometimes wrestling with the possibility of changing your programs or approach in an effort to align with a funding source?

By increasing access to more funders that align with your focus, strategy, and population, Impact Match allows you to connect to the right funders.

Avoid the mission-drift temptation!


You can measure year-over-year impact results more clearly since your model can remain stable and consistent.

Funder trends no longer make you dance to their tune.

Encourage Foundations in Best Practices

Have you dreamed of joining a foundation so that you could help them understand what it is like to be a nonprofit?


When you should be writing another grant, have you daydreamed about quitting your job and becoming a foundation program officer?

Then Impact Match is for you.

Come in on the early stages of an innovative approach to grantmaking, encouraging more foundations to follow suit.

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Communicate Clearly and Consistently

Do you wish you could always be straightforward with foundations?

You are running out of money. Your staff are leaving to work for better pay at for-profits. You need to change your model or approach.


Be authentic. Join Impact Match and share a more complete story.


Try It Out.
Let us know what you think.
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