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Although our primary mission is to disrupt and improve grant processes so less time will go to grant-related activities, we also offer nonprofits traditional grant writing and consulting services.

Every client will receive a high-quality proposal for Impact Match and at least one funder not participating in Impact Match yet.

Comprehensive Grant Proposal Development Services

1. Review your programmatic or strategic plan
2. Identify sources of funding
3. Help you to develop research- and evidence-based, data-driven projects or programs
4. Draft and submit proposals

Grant Proposal Review and Editing

1. Send us a proposal
2. We will review it for completeness, grammar, strategy, and content
3. We will provide a “red-lined” version with commentary throughout the document

Our Process

We keep things simple. And our costs reflect this.

1. We offer a one-hour consultation for free. We gather information about your program and organization. We learn whether our services are an appropriate and timely match.
2. If so, we determine an appropriate quote for our services and send it to you.
3. You decide whether to accept the quote, but we’re sure you will see a clear return on investment for you, your organization, and those you serve.
4. We draft an initial proposal.
5. We ask for your input on missing elements.
6. You review the revised first draft and provide feedback.
7. We repeat this process if necessary.
8. We submit the proposal and cross our fingers.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

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Why Choose Us?

Are you not yet convinced?

We understand. There are many companies that claim that they can access funding for you. So here's some reasons to consider us.

First and foremost, we are not in the business of grant writing. This is not our primary focus. Why is this a benefit to you? Well, we are efficient. We write grants fast, charge as little as possible, and ensure you get a high return on your investment. We will let you know if you are not ready to seek this type of funding. We are honest and straightforward.

Secondly, we have been effective at accessing funds:

  1. Over the past six years, Impact Match's Founder has raised over $10M in grants for two organizations where he worked. He dedicated 40 hours per month in his first years grant writing, but now only spends 8 hours to achieve similar results.

  2. Our second grant writer has raised $300K in less than one year, been the lead on nearly $1M in proposals--many pending awards, and helped us lock in a government contract that was proposed at a little over $2.2M.

We look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals and make a demonstrable impact on your mission.

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